10″ Cakes

Three Milk Cake - Choc. Ganache 10"

ITEM #: 11084
UPC: 84104901112
Yellow cake marinated in blended rich creams, topped with whip cream, chocolate gaunash, and fresh fruit.

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    • Wheat flour, eggs, sugar, salt, water, cake shortening, baking powder, milk powder, vanilla flavor, orange emulsion (oil of orange, propylene glycol, xanthium gum, and U.S. certified food color yellow #6), heavy cream 36%, sweet & condensed milk, whole milk, fruit, whip top concentrate, modified cellulose gum, polysorbate color, red artificial coloring, potassium, chocolate, and brandy flavor.
    • This product is produced in a facility that uses peanuts and tree nuts.
    • ITEM
    • 11084
    • UPC
    • 84104901112