About us

Built on over 30 years of experience, the once small Chicago-based Sweet Connection Bakery has grown from just a few delicious dessert items to the most expansive line of delicacies that can be found. Inspired by the variety of flavors that can be found in fruit, chocolates, creams, and more our dessert items were soon in high demand around the entire American Midwest.

Today, Chicago Sweet Connection is Chicagoland’s premier wholesale bakery, delivering to five states: Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and of course, Illinois. Our culinary team is composed of the finest bakers from many wonderful and exotic countries around the world. Culminating their world-wide experience has allowed us to provide traditional as well as innovative desserts that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our attention to quality, beauty, and sustainability has allowed us to keep on top of the latest market trends. Within the last decade, we’ve expanded our dessert line to become the most comprehensive source of bakery products to be found. Whether you’re hosting a special event, adding mouth watering desserts to your menu, or stocking your shelves with the latest and greatest cakes for your shoppers, the educated consumer comes to Chicago Sweet Connection.

Founded on integrity, we endeavor to create the most satisfactory product at the best price. Every day, our crew delivers our luscious cakes, elegant minis, and home style baked goods to restaurants, grocers, banquet halls, institutions, and more. Contact us today at 773.283.4430 or visit us at our small retail shop at 5569 N. Northwest Highway in Chicago.

Chicago Sweet Connection Bakery’s definition of Luscious is …..
“Connecting our flavors with your senses”